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    Welcome to My Website!


        thanks for coming to my personal website!


        This is my official website, created for all of my people to keep up with me and my musical happenings.  Doing what many dream of but few actually do — performing music in clubs and halls across the United States. I'm honored that you're joining me.


        Whether I'm in the studio working or playing live, this is the one place you can check the latest with me and my music. I'll be working hard to keep the information on my site current and fun. So check back often — you never know when something fun is going happen!

        Complete library of songs everyone loves to hear

        and sing along with.... original and cover tunes

          In honor of 50 years of the Beatles,

          I play an entire night of the Beatles!

          Come and sing along with me!!!  Please see the song list on the ABOUT page... 

          Some of the songs are on this page.

          C.Marshall Nelson

          Singer / Song Writer